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Canadian Mansions for Sale: Purchase Your Dream Home


Canadian Mansions for Sale


Buying a house can be an exciting and life changing experience. Finding the perfect place to raise a family, be part of a community, entertain friends or design to your individual taste, can fulfill many dreams. When looking at Canadian mansions for sale, there are many things to consider. A good real estate agent, who understands your goals and knows how to achieve them, can be worth their weight in gold. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial and personal decisions you can make so it’s important to have the right person at your side to guide you through it.


Location,Location, Location


We’ve all heard it before, where you buy really does make all the difference. Deciding where to settle down can depend on many factors such as jobs, lifestyle, friends and family. Canada is a great place to live, offering a myriad of opportunities. The Greater Toronto Area is an exciting, multicultural, mosaic of wonderful neighbourhoods. However, houses in the downtown core are often small, with tiny back yards and surrounded by congested traffic. To get more value for money spent, buyers are looking to growing communities such as Brampton, Mississauga or Vaughan. These neighbourhoods offer luxurious homes and properties that are spacious, yet still surprisingly affordable. 


What to Look for in a REALTOR®


We’ve all heard horror stories about REALTORS®who haven’t had their clients’ best interests at heart. Whether it’s an agent who was representing two clients bidding on the same house, or one who was attempting to buy a house at the same time as their client, there are many tales of deals gone wrong. That’s why it’s important to do some research before selecting a REALTOR®. Here’s what to look for:

  •        A REALTOR®who has repeat business, with strong testimonials on their website.
  •        A REALTOR®with strong connections to the community you want to live in.
  •        A REALTOR®who has experience, sales awards, and strong knowledge of the business.
  •        A REALTOR®who is approachable, answers all your questions and is available when you need them.


Also look for real estate brokerages that are licensed members of reputable industry associations such as The Ontario Real Estate Association,The Real Estate Council of Ontario or more local organizations such as the Brampton Real Estate Board. These associations encourage integrity and professionalism within the industry and also offer a good source of information for consumers such as a buyer’s checklist that offers advice about budgeting and agreements.


Don’t strictly consider bigger firms, but consider the smaller boutique firms that have deep roots in their communities. The Brampton-based, family-run brokerage JN Asensio Realtyhas been getting rave reviews for their personalized, client-focused service.


In today’s hot real estate market, it’s important to know your budget and expected costs before looking for that perfect home. Legal fees, the Land Transfer Tax and home inspection costs should all be spelled out by a potential REALTOR®. There have also been recent changes to Canada’s down payment requirements that should be taken into consideration.


There are some spectacular Canadian mansions for sale. It’s an exciting time to purchase a new home. Be sure you have the right REALTOR® to guide you through the process, helping make your dreams a reality.